Amar Leads the Charge Towards Sustainable Transport

As part of our commitment to promoting environmental sustainability, the Amar Group has recently invested in electric trucks for our Ontario fleet operations. We are proud to be one of the first transportation companies across North America to utilize heavy electric equipment, which will have a significant impact in minimizing our carbon footprint.

These investments are among the many ways we are addressing environmental concerns. Through company-wide measures, utilization of technologies and stringent fleet maintenance practices, we are working together as a team to minimize our impact and set a new standard for eco-friendly transportation.

At Amar, we operate with integrity while innovating how we do business. We are constantly seeking the most optimal solutions to enhancing our operations and protect the environment when serving diverse markets across North America. We are considering these electric equipment additions to be just the first wave as we aim to invest in more over time.

We are excited for our new electric trucking equipment to hit the Ontario highways and eventually other service lanes throughout Canada and the USA!