Front view of Amar truck transporting company-owned 53’ trailer on North American highway
Pushing The Status Quo

Leveraging Technology to Maintain Industry Leading KPIs

Amar’s industry-leading Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a testament to our strategic incorporation of cutting-edge technology. By leveraging advanced technological solutions, we not only elevate security levels within our operations but also make significant strides in achieving our sustainability goals. This integration ensures a seamless synergy between operational efficiency and environmental consciousness. Moreover, the strategic use of technology enhances our customer satisfaction levels, as it allows us to provide streamlined and reliable services that meet and exceed expectations. In essence, our commitment to technological innovation is at the core of our success, driving superior performance across various facets of our operations.

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Our Top Priority

Over the Road Safety

Equipped with advanced telematics and cutting-edge technological features, our fleet vehicles are not just a means of transportation—they are meticulously designed to prioritize the safety of our drivers and ensure the utmost protection for the quality of your valuable freight:

  • GPS tracking (functional even without a power source)
  • Low fuel warnings
  • Remote live container temperature monitoring
  • AI integrated dashcams (in-cab & outward facing)
  • G-force meters
  • Automatic braking systems (VADA systems)
  • Lane-keeping assist & lane departure warnings
  • Cranes with backup cameras
Front view of Amar truck transporting 53’ container on North American highway
Driving Green

Other Sustainability Solutions

In our relentless pursuit of sustainability, Amar has implemented various eco-friendly measures in our operations:

  • Nitrogen-Filled Tires: Mitigating rolling resistance associated with temperature fluctuations.
  • Aero Kits: Enhancing equipment aerodynamics and reducing air resistance for improved fuel efficiency.
  • Heated Unit Attachments: Decreasing idling by offering alternative heating solutions for truck cabs during colder weather.
  • Ideal Transmission Gear Ratios: Optimizing gear ratios to maintain lower RPMs while meeting torque requirements for fuel efficiency.
  • New-Gen Engine Configurations: Incorporating advanced engine designs, such as turbo compounding from Volvo Trucks, for higher efficiencies.
  • Cranes Fleet Upgrade: Ensuring cranes in our fleet are 5 years or newer to maximize fleet uptime, enhance fuel efficiency, and minimize operator fatigue—contributing to the fastest turnaround times across North America.
Banner with 6 security camera photos capturing Amar Group’s security gate technology features for trucks entering and exiting facilities
Going Beyond Expectations

Elevating Customer Satisfaction

At Amar, our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction fuels our continuous pursuit of improvement. We strive to enhance our capabilities, provide heightened security and peace of mind, and optimize efficiency and safety within our terminals. Our initiatives include:

  • Comprehensive Entry Security: Multiple angles of each vehicle entering and exiting terminals, enabling thorough scanning for container damage. Recording and documentation of license plates and government-issued IDs ensure comprehensive security.
  • EDI Integration: Seamless reporting, including TIR/interchanges, directly integrated into your management systems or email for real-time updates.
  • Mobile App Innovation: Our user-friendly mobile app, available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store, aids in monitoring and maintaining efficient turnaround times in our terminals.
  • Precision Location Accuracy: Live location details, specifying the terminal, zone, row, and bundle, ensure transparency and efficiency in cargo tracking.
  • Visitor Management: The app minimizes visitor time within terminals, reducing the risk of potential incidents or accidents.

These initiatives collectively embody our dedication to elevating customer satisfaction by embracing technological advancements and prioritizing security, efficiency, and peace of mind.


Measuring our success.

Amar places paramount importance on its KPIs, using them as a strategic tool to distinguish itself from the competition. As industry leaders and disruptors, our commitment to excellence is exemplified through the continuous redefinition of performance standards and the relentless pursuit of innovation.


Minute Turnaround Times

Our cutting-edge technology streamlines operations, facilitating swift turnaround times in our terminals.


Equipment Availability

We optimize our container and chassis availability by grounding containers not ready for delivery, ensuring efficient utilization without unnecessary occupation.


Of Potential Collisions Reduced

Through the integration of advanced safety tech from our truck manufacturers, we significantly reduce the risk of front-end collisions.

See how we have done it.

Since our inception in 1998, the Amar Group has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the transportation and storage of ocean and rail containers. Recognized for six consecutive years as one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies, we take pride in offering a comprehensive solution for all your container shipping logistics. With a coast-to-coast presence in Canada and strategic coverage in some of the USA’s busiest markets, we are continually expanding our extensive portfolio of premium real estate to accommodate the escalating demand for capacity, showcasing our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence.

Explore innovations throughout our divisions.

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Exactly What Everyone Needed

The Amar App

Experience unrivaled efficiency and real-time insights with our customized mobile app – turning container logistics into a seamless, 15-minute operation. Learn more for a glimpse into the future of precision and safety.

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Providing Visibility You Deserve

Incorporating Technology for Safer Roads

Discover how our commitment to safety goes beyond with advanced technologies. From GPS integration for optimized routes to AI-monitored in-cab cameras, our proactive approach ensures top-notch road safety for drivers and cargo.

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(88a) Driving Eco-Friendly Change

Driving Eco-Friendly Change

At Amar, we are perpetually seeking ways to minimize our carbon footprint, and the following examples underscore how our initiatives consistently outperform industry averages in sustainability.


Reduction of Trucks on the Road

When we strategically utilize our chassis, including B-trains and LCVs, to intelligently reduce the number of trucks on the road needed to transport the same cargo volume.


Lower Fuel Consumption

Our meticulous practices have resulted in a significantly higher level of fuel efficiency compared to the national average, showcasing our commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly operations.


Paperless Operations

Our day-to-day operations, from dispatch to logbooks, invoicing, and TIRs, are seamlessly conducted without the use of paper, promoting efficiency and environmental sustainability.

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