Our Top Priority

Nurturing a culture of safety excellence.


Amar proudly boasts industry-leading safety ratings including our exceptional CVOR score and zero-claims record over our 25 years of operation. As fleet operators, we take pride in our low accidents-to-equipment ratio. Our status as a safe, reliable transportation provider has allowed us to be one of the few North American carriers permitted to operate LCV vehicles and trusted to handle oversized, out of gauge (OOG) and hazardous shipments.

Two Amar warehousing staff reviewing reports beside parked forklift

Company-Wide Precautions for Employee Safety

We are continuously making improvements to minimize any risk of injury for our employees. This is achieved by investing in latest model equipment including new generation cranes to reduce operator hand and arm strains as well as automatic power units featuring cruise control functionalities and ELOGs to prevent driver fatigue.

As part of our mission to promote a collective commitment to safety, all Amar employees undergo intensive training and educational programs whether working at our terminals, warehouses or on the road. This helps to raise awareness of any potential safety hazards and empowers our team to protect themselves and avoid workplace incidents.

Our employee safety training also includes providing our drivers and staff with the required information to respond to emergencies and safely react to unforeseen incidents.

Highway truck with GPS tracking signal overlaid, driver cam road view, internal cab camera view and container yard staff inspecting stored containers

Utilizing Technology For Safe Driving & Freight Handling

Our integration of technologies into all fleet equipment and across our service locations further help us maintain a safe work environment:

  • Backup cameras installed on all crane equipment
  • GPS integrations in all fleet units & Amar-owned containers
  • All power units installed with advanced driver assistance systems including forward collision warnings, lane departure warnings and real-time alerts to prevent accidents
  • Two-way in-cab cameras featuring AI to monitor driver behavior and alert dispatch of distracted driving, tailgating, speeding and other unsafe practices
  • G-Force trackers to alert dispatch of harsh braking or turning
Amar truck with empty chassis parked in container yard beside reach stacker crane

Intensive Container & Fleet Equipment Maintenance Practices

Amar container yard staff inspecting refrigerated container unit

Our terminal staff are dedicated to ensuring your freight remains in top condition while in our care on the road and at our facilities. This involves ensuring our trucking equipment remains in optimal condition with regular scheduled maintenance to minimize mechanical issues on the road and any associated downtime. They also conduct rigorous pre- and post-trip inspections of your container shipments to ensure your container freight is free of any damage and all accounted for.

Our Commitment to Mental Health

Amar driver smiling in front of Amar trucks parked in the background

Mental health is also a high priority at Amar. We are dedicated to creating a supportive environment that promotes the wellness of our drivers, operators, and staff. To establish a healthy, open workplace culture, we have implemented several mental health practices including training all management and leadership on how to make all employees feel heard, respected, and happy in everything they do for Amar.


Closeup of front of Amar Group highway cab
Leading the change

We Are Innovators

At Amar Group, we pride ourselves by constantly pushing the status quo. We remain dedicated to elevating all aspects of our operations through modernization and have been recognized as industry leaders in exemplary best practices and green initiatives.

Amar driver standing beside Amar trucking cab Amar technician staff standing in front of Amar truck
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