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We excel in container storage, offering a comprehensive one-stop solution. Our expertise covers various cargo types, including dry and temperature-controlled goods, out-of-gauge shipments, and more. With our versatile capabilities, we provide efficient and secure storage options for all your container needs. We are experienced in the secure storage and safe handling of:

Dry container icon

Dry Containers (20’, 40’, 53’, 60’)

Open top container icon

Open Top Containers

Expand square icon for oversized/overweight transloading

Out of Gauge (OOG) Cargo

Icon with refrigerated & heated temperature settings for reefer containers


Chassis stacks icon

Chassis Stacks

Bulk tanker icon

Bulk Tanks

Freight pallet icon with thermometer icon to the right for temperature-controlled services

Temperature Controlled Goods

(40) Safe handling of – Empty Containers)
Container stack icon

Empty Containers

(41) Safe Handling of WTP
Container with expansion arrows icon for WTP (wide top pick) containers

WTP (Wide Top Pick)

Amar container yard staff inspecting refrigerated container unit
A true one-stop shop

Additional Container Terminal Services Across North America.

We host additional services at all Amar storage facilities including but not limited to:

  • Regular container inspections
  • Pre-trip inspections
  • Reefer washes
  • In-house container repair
  • In-house container modifications
Overview photo of Amar Group container yard with hundreds of containers in storage
Dealing with all Steamship Lines

Empty Return Depot Solutions

Amar proudly works with almost all steamship lines (SSLs) in the world, managing the safe storage of their empty ocean containers when not in use. These SSLs include but are not limited to:

  • MSC
  • Maersk
  • Hapag Lloyd
  • HMM
  • SM Line
  • ZIM
  • Evergreen
  • Ocean Network Express (ONE)
  • Melfi Marine
Amar container storage yard filled with stacks of dry and temperature-controlled containers

Unmatched Storage Capabilities and Capacities

Lineup of reach stacker cranes parked in Amar container yard

With over 25 years of experience, Amar is well equipped to handle any containerized goods. We operate a fleet of over 20 reach stacker and empty handlers across our service locations. In addition to our equipment, we own over 300 acres of land throughout North America permitted for outdoor storage of shipping containers.

To maximize our fleet uptime and fuel efficiencies while minimizing operator fatigue, we ensure our cranes are 5 years or newer. This is intended to ensure we maintain the fastest service turnaround times in North America.


Explore Our Container Terminals

Blue North American map with pins for Calgary, AB, Vancouver, BC, Toronto, ON, Montreal, QC, Detroit, MI and New Brunswick, NJ service locations

To best serve your container shipping needs, we have strategically invested in properties located within 3km of seaports, railyards and distribution centres within some of Canada’s and the USA’s busiest markets.


Experts in Preserving Your Temperature-Sensitive Freight

Amar has dedicated decades to handling temperature-controlled containers for our valued clients. We take immense pride in upholding a zero-claims record over our 25 years of service.

In total, our container terminals are installed with over 1,000 hydro reefer plugs to keep your goods at their required temperature settings while in short or long-term storage. Even during power outages, we are proactively equipped with on-site generators to preserve your freight quality.


Safeguarding Stored Containers With Stringent Security Measures

In addition to our zero-claims record, Amar also maintains a zero-theft record since opening in 1998. We are committed to protecting the products you’ve entrusted in us with intensive security protocols across all storage facilities.

Banner with 6 security camera photos capturing Amar Group’s intensive container yard and terminal facility security features

Security Entry/Exit Gate: Vehicles entering and exiting the terminal are scanned from multiple angles to capture any damage to incoming and outgoing containers. All vehicle license plates are recorded and documented. People entering and exiting our facilities must present government-issued ID which is recorded, documented and validated with facial recognition cameras.

Terminal Facility Features: Entirely fenced perimeters with barbed wire, security gates, 24/7 video surveillance covering all angles of indoor and outdoor property, LED lighting to deter security threats, staffed 24/7 by security personnel conducting around-the-clock patrols.

CBSA Approved Terminals: Following all CBSA security regulations to protect and prevent tampering of all stored freight.


Providing Leading Turnaround TimesMobile phone with screen showing custom Amar Group mobile app for tracking containers in their storage yards

Amar embraces cutting-edge technologies to keep our KPIs in check and enhance our service levels. By customizing our own Amar mobile app, we’re able to provide competitive turnaround times at our container terminals within 15 minutes or less.

The app features live tracking accuracies down to the terminal, zone, row and bundle, allowing our team to efficiently locate, collect and load your container onto your truck. Utilizing this app also allows us to reduce the amount of visitors on our premises at once, therefore minimizing the risk of potential incidents or accidents.

All Amar service locations also feature EDI integrations, allowing us to send data directly to your management systems or email so you’re always up to date on your container freight status.


Upholding Safety At Our Locations

Security gate for entering Amar Group container yard

As with all our operations, we have implemented comprehensive measures to keep our visitors and employees safe at all Amar service locations:

  • Wearing PPE: All on-site staff and visitors are required to wear protections such as safety vests, hard hats and steel toed shoes.
  • Safe mobility of trucks: We ensure trucks in our terminals are kept away from hazards (e.g. Not below or behind cranes, driving below required speed limits, using four-way flashers)
  • Container handling practices: All employees must follow proper protocols regarding the plugging and unplugging of temperature-controlled equipment and locking and unlocking chassis.
  • Condemning unsafe/unacceptable behaviour: We take action for any behaviour against our stringent safety guidelines which may involve a written warning, temporary ban or permanent ban.

Supporting CN & CP Railways as Their Relief Terminal Provider

We are trusted by reputable CN and CP Railways to offer relief as their satellite container terminal locations across Canada. They continue to rely on Amar for the safekeeping of their containers at our properties that are spacious enough to hold up to tens of thousands of containers at a time.

Our Equipment

Container icon Container Storage
Amar Group Reach Stacker Crane photo

Reach Stacker Cranes

Handles both empty and loaded containers.

Amar Group Empty Handler photo

Empty Handlers

Handles empty containers more efficiently.

Photo of Hydro Reefer Plugs at Amar Group terminal

Hydro Reefer Plugs

Provides power to temperature-controlled units within the terminal.

Photo of Amar Group Backup Power Generator

Backup Generators

Used for power generation in the unlikely event of a power outage.

Amar truck transporting freight approaching container yard exit gate

We Are Innovators.

At Amar Group, we pride ourselves by constantly pushing the status quo. We remain dedicated to elevating all aspects of our operations through modernization and have been recognized as industry leaders in exemplary best practices and green initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Amar’s capacities?

Our capacities to handle larger volumes are unmatched due to our efficient use of equipment, extensive network of terminals, and 24/7 service. We can handle almost anything you can give to us, even with little to no notice.

Do you perform other services?

Yes, we many other complementary services to facilitate a true one-stop shop experience. We perform container storage, temperature monitoring, repairs, modifications, warehousing, crossdocking and more.

How long of a lead time do you need?

This depends on the volume of the work order. Since we continuously operate with reserve equipment and drivers, combined with our 24/7 hours of operation in hour terminals, we’re able to handle additional loads with little to no notice.

Which steamship lines are you an empty depot for?

MSC, Maersk, Evergreen, Zim, HMM, Hapag Lloyd, ONE, SM LINE, CMA CGM, Melfi Marine, etc.

Do your container yards have hydro plugs?

Yes, we are leaders in storing and handling temperature-controlled freight and have over 1000+ hydro plugs in our terminals.

Are you CBSA approved?

Our terminals are CBSA approved. This allows us to handle and store your freight without the need for customs clearance.

Amar trucks stopped entering and exiting container storage yard with other trucks, container stacks and reach stacker cranes in the background
Amar Group reach stacker crane listing Amar-owned freight container off chassis to be stored in container yard Amar Group reach stacker crane loading container onto chassis
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