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Amar Group Expands Footprint with Strategic Investments in Milton, ON

As part of our growth strategy aimed to secure Amar Group’s position as an industry leader in container transportation, storage and logistics, we have acquired 75 additional acres of prime real estate in Milton, Ontario.

In anticipation of the upcoming CN Milton rail terminal, this new facility will help to create operational efficiencies with less distance to be covered for intermodal drayage and transport. We now own three industrial properties next to CN rail yards, placing us at the centre of major North American markets. This has played a pivotal role in setting us apart from the competition and experiencing a recent surge in business.

With reliability an essential part of our business model, we will be managing the building of our modern facility in-house. The Amar Developments team will work to optimize our new space to store thousands of dry and temperature-controlled containers and host our fleet operations. This entails indoor and outdoor construction as well as the integration of latest technologies and security features to create service efficiencies and maintain our zero-theft record.

Investing in another Greater Toronto Area terminal will not only enhance our logistical capabilities but will also strengthen our presence as the prominent provider for the North American container shipping community. We are excited about the opportunities this expansion brings and the positive impact it will have on our company, our clients and our community.